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Meet Sonya

Chief Executive Operator & Owner

Boss Lady of Sweet & Salty Island Grinds. Sonya also a honorable  Veteran of the US NAVY, was raised in Queens, NY.  With her family migrating from Guyana and Suriname (South America) Sonya was the first in her family to join the US Military. Her hustle and drives originates from her passion to make a beautiful life for her family. Sonya was also deployed in Japan and  station in many parts of the East Coast during her years in the US NAVY. Sonya & Wills love story is founded upon serving. Whether it is the military, delicious Hawaiian-Filipino BBQ, or the community. Together you can taste their love though Sweet & Salty Island Grindz. 

Meet Chef Will

Executive Chef and Owner

Filipino-American Chef Will was born in the States and raised in the Philippines. He was fortunate to journey and reside in the Pacific and Stateside due to his father serving in the Navy.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Chef Will dedicated 20 years in the world’s most elite- THE US NAVY.  Within the 20 Years of service, Chef Will had many military detachments but found himself in Hawaii the majority of the time. Chef Will states “The food, sulture, and island sensation resonated within him”.  Being in Hawaii a great deal of time,  Chef Will’s BBQ was an extreme crowd-pleaser while serving in the US NAVY! Chef Will has spent many years perfecting the blend of succulent Hawaiian and Filipino BBQ. His passion derives from his Filipino roots and love of the Pacific Islands.  There was born Sweet & Salty Island Grindz. 

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